Multiple ProxySniffer installations on OS X

If you want to run multiple proxysniffer installations on OSX there are a few things that have to be edited manually to get all folders in the right places as it isnt possible to pick the full installation path for ProxySniffer on OSX. I have written a “quick” guide on how to set this up which is very useful for power users working against mulitple Apica products like WPM or LTP which arent always synched in version. ProxySniffer Multiple Versions As seen in the image above i have installed two different versions of ProxySniffer under /Applications/ProxySniffer/ named after their version. This was not however something that you are able to do by just running the installation program that is avalible on So what happens when you install two different ProxySniffer versions? First you can only tell the ProxySniffer installation program to install things in the following way.


This means that if you want it installed in /Applications/ProxySniffer/5.0-C for example you have to perform the following steps on both installations.

  1.  Install ProxySniffer in /Applications/ProxySniffer/
    1. Create a new folder called 5.0-C under /Applications/ProxySniffer/
    2. Move all files that the installer has created into the 5.0-C folder.
  2. Install the second version of ProxySniffer you want, in my case 5.1-P
    1. Repeat 1.1 and 1.2 but for ProxySniffer 5.1-P

You should now have a folder structure that looks like the screenshot in the beginning of the article. Moving on the to next step turns things a little trickier as we now have to edit a few files to match our new folder structure and at the same time gain some insight in how ProxySniffer is attached to its installation folder.

The files we need to edit are, /Applications/ProxySniffer/<Version>/javaSetup.dat and /Applications/ProxySniffer/<Version>/installdir.dat /Applications/ProxySniffer/<Version>/mytests.dat. In these files we want to change all paths to reflect our new reality.

For the next step we want to dig in a bit deeper into the actual .plist file that ProxySniffer uses. You can find the .plist file inside of the ProxySniffer package, /Applications/ProxySniffer/<Version>/Proxy Sniffer You can edit this file in two ways, either with Xcode or your favourite text editor. In Xcode when opening the Info.plist file you want to edit the highlighted Key’s value to reflect your path changes. ProxysSniffer Paths editing with Xcode (highlight) To make life easy i have also copied out the text string to illustrate how i have changed it on my installation, “-webadmin -jobcontroller -execagent -window buhl.prx.gui.PRXControlFrame -windowsize 600×600 -nrlines 200 -nrheader 200 -jobdir /Applications/ProxySniffer/5.1-P/jobs -clusterjobdir /Applications/ProxySniffer/5.1-P/clusterjobs $CMD_LINE_ARGUMENTS$” When all of these changes are done all ProxySniffer folders like MyTests, jobs, clusterjobs and ProxySniffer itself will work under the correct path and not spawn folders outside of its directory. Thanks and I hope you find the information useful.

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  1. This information has since been given to the Proxy Sniffer developers and this and they are working on delivering a fix for this, hopefully under 2014.

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